05 April 2012

Darien Design FINALLY Joins Twitter!

Yes, I will admit it. Sometimes it takes time to adopt new technology. Traditionally, I'm usually the type to wait to adopt new ways of doing things or adopt a new gadget, software, etc., until that time has come in which I feel it's appropriate for me to do so. Some creatives might see that as a flaw, but I don't. I prefer other people sleeping overnight at the Mac store and trying something new out first. And good for those enthusiast for doing their part. (But make a note: sometimes I may be willing to stand in the rain for the newest, greatest thing).

Twitter has been on standby for some time now and it was just this week in which Darien Design and Jupiter Soup™ have entered into the Twitter world. I'm pretty excited to start utilizing this social media and tap into that networking portal.

So log on to you Twitter account and "follow" me. And if you don't have an account, perhaps today is the  day to set it up! Thanks for following!


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