01 June 2013

Winning Dad: How Does Colby Trick His Homophobic Dad to Meet His Boyfriend Rusty?

Clearly, Darien Design entered a time warp yesterday when a Holiday 2012 post happened. Strange. Anyhow, here it is–the first day of June 2013–and DD is here to plug a new film being shot this summer by friends at winningdad.com. Well, that is if it can get enough money raised in the next few weeks via Kickstarter.com. Darien Design recently contributed time to create a "rewards" graphic for the Kickstarter page for Winning Dad. Please take a look (click the graphic to link to winningdad.com) and consider contributing to a movie that has great potential to being something special–just in time for Pride Month. All involved are wonderful, talent people–including the lovely Ellen McLain, perhaps best know for providing the voice of GLaDOS, the computer antagonist of the Portal video game series.

You can help, by helping get this story onto film. Whether one dollar or more, ever bit helps. And tell your friends. This promises to be a great love story. And who doesn't love a great love story? Let's help win dad!


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